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Its been a while since I last posted here..thought Id pop to post a small message:)

We went to Bakers lastnight which was really cool..its such a nice spot, some of the guys from 2nd and 3rd year were playing they did a really good job, even if some perfectionists thought otherwise! Muse cover bad where awesome! They did 'Super massive black hole' from the *dreadful* movie Twilight..they only decent thing in that movie was the music! I also got chatting to an actual *2nd* year..this was good considering Im in the class 5+ months and I've only spoken to a handful of people. Its pretty nerve wrecking to be repeating and only in for 4 hours a week..I dont know what next year will be like..lots of presentations and they are such a large group. A fight broke out outside trinity..after witnessing the barbaric behaviour from the bouncers we decided to skip..fucking discusting.


Sin has decided to go to America for 3 weeks..if we have moved by then I shall be stuck in the back end of *nowhere* with no transport into the city. I seriously have to sort something:/

Just realised my X Files blue-ray DVD isnt working:( argh I need to see it on blue-ray! Exam results tomorrow yikes:/


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I went to see Aimee Mann last night in the Tripod in Dublin. This woman is amazing..and so fricking funny! I swear if you know nothing of her music just go for the comic relief. She did my all time favorite song 'Its Not'..the guy that requested it is my hero. The crowd were great..a few drunken hecklers but Aimee handled it well. Big contrast from the Cyndi Lauper gig in Cork a few weeks before, which was just one giant mosh pit! (words cannot describe how awesome she was either) I finally got Live in Montreux too..thanks to my friend who treated me to it:D So a Tori fest shall be had soon methinks. Coming down from a gig overload sucks..why oh why did Oasis tickets sell out so quickly??

It was snowing in Kildare today on the train home..so gorgeous.

I have to take out a bank loan tomorrow to pay for fees..so nervous but hopefully it will go well. Then back on Monday after the mid term. I got awesome 'bee' legwarmers to go with my outfit for Halloween, they're so awesome!


So I've located my LJ page which I think was created sometime in December(was it really that long ago?) and after some poking around, I'm still hopeless at trying to figure it out. And HOLY CRAP!!! The 3 friends I have added have aaaaaamzing profiles with Gillian pictures, jealous! Sam, Mary and Margi I will catch up someday. Anyhooch I'm off to figure out how to send messages..xgx

So I've finally joined LJ...and I have absolutely no idea how to add peeps lol. I need to find some friends...


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